Gay Bubble Butts Lover

Anonymous said: Where is the wildest place you and your boyfriend have ever fucked?

On vacation, with his mom and a friend napping in the room. We fucked bare and it so fucking good. Felt like blowing my load each stroke I took. What about you bro?

Anonymous said: black dick

Hum….last time I checked it was :/

analdelrey450 said: Love ur blog! Bubble butts are <3. What do u think about my ass? (Avatar pic)

They’re amazing!

trav3l12 said: Love the page! Check out mine. New to tumblr. ;)

Awesome blog bud. I’m following you. Come back often for more good stuff!

tommi10world said: Wow so hot

Thanks man! I’ve been slow at updating lately. Work and other bullshit, but come often for new stuff. Will get on it!

Anonymous said: how to wach this vedio

What video?!


My favorite view of a Man.


My favorite view of a Man.

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